Article on the quarter life crisis I referenced in my paper:  

This guy, Ben Casnocha, has some great stuff on his site.  That post about the quarter life crises resonates deeply with me and I hope that you are able to appreciate it and perhaps help pass it along so that more people can hear about it.  Another favorite of mine from Ben’s blog a report on what love means to him that I have a feeling will hit you in the right way.

Love is something you do: 


Here is a great article about a longitudinal study about happiness.  You’ve probably already heard about this study, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to show you regardless.

What makes us happy?



I am not sure if you are a travel buff, but I thought that you might like this article in case you want to travel sometime in the near future for an extended period of time

Travel full-time for less than $14,000 per year:


And finally, I really liked this article.  I didn’t include it here because I think you should retire, I included it because my father stresses a lot about how much money he and my mother will need to live well after he retires and I thought you might like this.  


How to live well on less in retirement: